Second opinion in Radiology

We offer medical second opinion services for your MRI, CT, X-ray, or Ultrasound-Scan. Fast and secure, made by international specialists.
International medical experts
Available worldwide
Fast results
Secure data transfer
ARISTRA offers medical second opinions in radiology



You request a second opinion, and explain your medical condition to us.


Your personal advisor helps you with transferring your images and makes sure that the image quality is sufficient


You make a request in which you explain your medical condition


We pick the best doctor from our team who is the most experienced with your condition. This specialist inspects your medical record and images and writes a comprehensive report.


We send your written report via e-mail. You can find a sample report here.


(Optional) You can ask all your questions in a video conference with the doctor who wrote the report.

Second Opinion Team

Our team consists of experienced doctors who are all renowned experts in their fields. Each team member has profound experience in medical research and clinical practice from well-known institutions in Europe and the US.
Do you have an unresolved medical condition?

Do you want to discuss your MRI, CT, or X-ray images with an international expert?