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ARISTRA offers medical second opinions in radiology

Why get a medical second opinion?

Your first doctor to get in contact with about health situations should always be your primary care doctor. She or he knows you best from many in-person appointments and should help you with diagnosis and a treatment plan for all health problems.
If you have an emergency or urgent care situation, please call emergency services or go to your local hospital.
But there are many reasons to seek an additional opinion by independent medical care professionals.
There are many patients, that don’t get a clear answer regarding health issues. Even after years of doctor visits and a long journey through the health care system, they don’t receive a clear diagnose.
A patient may want to ask for another opinion before a big surgery.
The interpretation of imaging studies of all modalities is very complex. A radiologist with a subspecialty for the medical field that you have questions in can explain more clearly, what images mean, that have already been taken.
To have full confidence in the treatment plan of your physician, an online doctor consultation may help you, going forward with medical procedures.
For all these cases, ARISTRA offers a service, where a board-certified physician will review your medical imaging data and help with the diagnosis of your condition. This way a local physician can continue your treatment, for example with surgery or medication.

How to Ask for a Second Opinion?

You request a second opinion and explain your medical condition to us.
Please be advised, that we only take non-emergency cases for this service. The whole process can take several business days. In case you have a medical emergency, please contact your local authorities!
A member of the ARISTRA team (this will be a physician or a radiology application specialist) will get in contact with you. We will help you to transfer your images and makes sure that the image quality is sufficient.
In case of insufficient image quality, we will not be able to continue beyond this point. If you wish to have new images being taken, we will get you in contact with one of our locations.
When we made sure the image quality is sufficient, we will also check prior diagnosis, allergies, and medication with you. This way we can make an accurate assessment of your health.
We provide the best doctor from our team who is the most experienced with the diagnosis and treatment of your condition. If you want a certain physician to write the online second opinion, you can tell in the step before. The specialist for your question inspects your medical record and images and writes a comprehensive report.

You will receive the written report via e-mail. An example of our second-opinion reports can be found here.

(Optional) We offer the possibility to have a face-to-face video chat where you can ask follow-up questions to the doctor who wrote your report.

Second Opinion Team

Our team consists of world-class board-certified doctors who are all renowned experts in medicine. Each team member has profound experience in medical research and clinical practice from well-known institutions in Europe and the US.


Your health insurance company will most likely not cover the costs of our telemedicine services. They normally will only take care of your primary care and other doctor visits. For you to be able to consult the best doctors online, we prepared several pricing packages for you. Due to the needed precision during the consultation, we do not offer same-day services.
Do you have an unresolved medical condition?

Do you want to discuss your MRI, CT, or X-ray images with an international expert?

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What Moves Us?

A patient may ask a doctor for a second medical opinion, it happens a lot of times especially before surgery. Some physicians see it as a sign of distrust in their diagnosis and treatment options. With a remote second opinion by subspecialty radiologists, you have the chance to address health concerns in a discreet way, without offending the radiologists, that analyzed your images in the first place.

Can an MRI be read wrong?

An MRI is a highly specialized examination. You should trust your current doctor, but a misdiagnosis can always happen. Ordering an MRI review, to be sure about an important health topic can be an important part of your medical services.

How often is a radiologist wrong?

Defining the error rate of radiologic examinations is challenging. In a 2013 article in the American Journal of Roentgenology, the authors claimed a real-time error rate of 3-4% and a retrospective error rate of up to 30%*.
In day-to-day business, it can be hard to give an accurate diagnosis. This is where telemedicine can help with radiology reports and on-demand online second opinion readings.
*Source: Cognitive and system factors contributing to diagnostic errors in radiology; Cindy S Lee, Paul G Nagy, Sallie J Weaver, David E Newman-Toker; DOI: 10.2214/AJR.12.10375

Can you get a second opinion on a CT scan?

We also offer doctor consultations on CT scans. The consultation with a specialist from the ARISTRA network can help a patient with her or his diagnosis, for example before a surgery.

Can you get a second opinion from a radiologist?

Yes. For most of our second medical opinion services, you will be connected to an expert radiologist. For certain medical questions, we recommend a specialist from another medical field, who is experienced in medical imaging.

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Due to insurance reasons, we can not offer our services to citizens or residents of the USA or Canada.