Dr. med. Matthias W. Wagner

Dr. med.
Matthias W. Wagner

Certified specialist for radiology and neuroradiology
Expert for pediatric neuroradiology
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Dr. med. Matthias W. Wagner EDiR, EDiNR, is our expert in neuroradiology for children and adults. He gained years of experience in diagnostic radiology at various hospitals and children’s hospitals in Switzerland, the USA and Canada.

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Matthias W. Wagner is also the author and co-author of numerous scientific articles, primarily in the field of pediatric neuroradiology. He is a member of a number of scientific associations and societies in the field of radiology and neuroradiology.

For ARISTRA, Matthias W. Wagner works as a teleradiologist for paediatric and adult neuroradiology.


Memberships: CAR – Canadian Association of Radiologists, SPR – Society of Pediatric Radiology of North America, SGR – Swiss Society of Radiology, ESR – European Society of Radiology, ESNR – European Society of Neuroradiology, RSNA – Radiological Society of North America, ASNR – American Society of Neuroradiology
Reviewer for the magazines: Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal, seit 09/2022; American Journal of Neuroradiology, AJNR, seit 05/2016; European Radiology, ER, seit 06/2016; British Journal of Radiology, BJR, seit 10/2017


More than 60 published articles and book chapters
An Educational Graphical User Interface to Construct Convolutional Neural Networks for Teaching Artificial Intelligence in Radiology.
Jin K, Namdar E, Wagner MW, Ertl-Wagner BB, Khalvati F.
Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal, November 23rd, 2022
Improving the Segmentation of Pediatric Low-Grade Gliomas Through Multitask Learning.
Vafaeikia P, Wagner MW, Hawkins C, Tabori U, Ertl-Wagner BB, Khalvati F.
44th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society, 2022
Radiomics-based prediction of neurodevelopmental outcome in very preterm neonates: a feasibility study.
Wagner MW, So D, Guo T, Erdman L, Sheng M, Ufkes S, Grunau RE, Synnes A, Branson HM, Chau V, Shroff MM, Ertl-Wagner BB, Miller SP.
Scientific Reports, July 4th, 2022
More publications
Radiomic features predict progression free survival in pediatric diffuse midline glioma / diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.
Wagner MW, Khashayar N, Hainc N, Napoleone M, Khalvati F, Amirabadi A, Laughlin S, Shroff MM, Bouffe E, Hawkins C, Bartels U, Ertl-Wagner BB.
Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal, June 11th, 2022
Volumetric analysis of hearing-related structures of brain in children with GJB2-related congenital deafness.
Wagner MW, Tambo M, Cushing C, Gordon K, Ertl-Wagner BB, Vidarsson L.
Children, May 25th, 2022
Automatic Artifact Detection Algorithm in Fetal MRI.
Lim A, Lo J, Wagner MW, Ertl-Wagner B, Sussman D.
Front Artif Intell., May 16th, 2022
Dataset Size Sensitivity Analysis of Machine Learning Classifiers to Differentiate Molecular Markers of Pediatric Low-Grade Gliomas Based on MRI.
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Fetal Organ Anomaly Classification Network (FOAC-Net) for Identifying Organ Anomalies in Fetal MRI.
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Radiomics can distinguish between pediatric supratentorial embryonal tumors, high-grade gliomas and ependymomas.
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