Prof. Dr. med. Wibke Müller-Forell

Prof. Dr. med.
Wibke Müller-Forell

Certified specialist for radiology
Expert for the orbita
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Prof. Dr. med. Wibke Müller-Forell is Professor Emeritus at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, where she was acting head of the Institute for Neuroradiology.

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After her state examination and training as a diagnostic radiology doctor at St. Hildegardis Hospital (now KKM) Mainz, she did her doctorate on computer tomographic analyses of brain tumours before and after steroid therapy. She then worked as a senior physician in the X-ray department at the Diakonie Hospital in Bad Kreuznach. After that, she moved to the Institute for Neuroradiology at the University Hospital in Mainz, where she was appointed senior physician in 1988 and senior consultant in 1992.

In 2006 she was appointed associate professor. Since 2009, she has been acting head of the Institute for Neuroradiology.
Her clinical focus is on diseases of the orbita, MR diagnostics of the central nervous system and interventional stroke therapy.


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