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ARISTRA offers you individually optimized MRI examinations at 16 locations. You can access our international network of specialists in our partner practices. An expert on your problem will make a fast and accurate diagnosis.
Radiologist Dr. med. Michael Ho from ARISTRA with patient

Locations of ARISTRA

ARISTRA offers radiological examinations at 16 locations in Germany and Switzerland. This way, patients can access the experts from our radiology network close to their living place.

For the location closest to you, you can use our location search.
ARISTRA MRT Frankfurt mit PD Dr. med. Yasemin Tanyildizi

Second Opinion Services

Our board-certified radiologists offer worldwide second opinions services for various imaging modalities, including MRI, CT, and X-ray.
Prof. Dr. med. Philipp Bäumer, MScProf. Dr. med. Wibke Müller-ForellPD Dr. med. Christoph AgtenProf. Shinji NaganawaRadiologist Marcel Sokolowski from CologneRadiologist Dr. med. Matthias W. Wagner
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MRI scans

The MRI examination is a gentle and radiation-free radiological procedure. It gets used to diagnose or rule out numerous diseases.
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Abdomen & Pelvis
* Prices depend on the individual case. Furthermore, we must consider your insurance status and whether you are a national or international customer. In most locations in Germany, we can only work with patients who have private insurance or are self-paying.


Our interdisciplinary team was trained at the best universities. They draw on long experience in research in addition to excellent medical training.
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