PD Dr. med. Yasemin Tanyildizi

PD Dr. med.
Yasemin Tanyildizi

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„I became a doctor because I have a genuine interest in people and am curious about every individual story of my patients. I am particularly fascinated by the human brain with all that we already know and what we can discover in the future.“


PD Dr. med. Yasemin Tanyildizi is a certified specialist in radiology with a focus on neuroradiology. She also holds the additional title of emergency medicine and diving and hyperbaric medicine (GTÜM).

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After studying human medicine at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, including studies abroad at Griffith University Brisbane (Australia), she completed her practical year at Ege Üniversite Hastanesi Izmir in Turkey (internal medicine), at the Goethe Institute in Frankfurt am Main (neurology), at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in Brisbane (Australia) and at Markus Hospital Frankfurt am Main (surgery). In 2011, she obtained her medical licence and began further specialist training as a general surgeon at the Bürgerhospital Frankfurt am Main.

PD Dr. med. Yasemin Tanyildizi obtained her doctorate in medicine at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and gained additional qualifications in emergency medicine and hyperbaric and diving medicine. In 2021 she was recognised as a specialist in radiology. In the same year, she obtained the Venia Legendi in neuroradiology.

Since October 2021, she has worked as a private physician in the private radiology practice PD Dr. med. Yasemin Tanyildizi medneo Diagnostik Zentrum in Frankfurt am Main.
She is also a member of the DGR and DGNR and the author of numerous international scientific publications.


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