Dr. med. Andreas Kasperczyk

Dr. med.
Andreas Kasperczyk

Certified radiology specialist
Expert for temporomandibular joints and MR mammography
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Dr. med. Andreas Kasperczyk is a specialist in radiology and an expert in musculoskeletal radiology and the temporomandibular joints (CMD).

During his medical studies he was a DAAD scholarship holder at TUFTS University in Boston, where he passed the American state examination in 1983. The German state examination followed in 1984, and his doctorate in 1985. Dr Kasperczyk then worked in molecular biological oncology at TUFTS University in Boston until 1988 as part of a DFG scholarship.

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Dr Kasperczyk completed his specialist training in 1988 with subsequent work as a senior physician until 1995 at Zentralkrankenhaus Bremen under Professor Freyschmidt (specialist in osteo-radiology) and Professor Terwey (one of the pioneers in magnetic resonance imaging).

In 1995 he founded a radiological joint practice in Hanover as the second partner. He was active in the management of this practice, which expanded to 15 doctors and 100 employees by 2020. He left the practice at the end of 2020.

There, Dr. med. Kasperczyk worked in all areas of radiology, in particular also in mammography and MR mammography. In recent years, he worked mainly in magnetic resonance imaging (musculoskeletal and neurological). In the last years of his work there, he was able to gain quite a bit of experience with a dentist in private practice about temporomandibular joint diagnostics and the relevance of maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and dental corrections.

Since 2023, Dr Kasperczyk has been running a private practice in Hanover in cooperation with ARISTRA. He also works as a teleradiologist for ARISTRA.